Once upon a time… 

Learn to honor the culture and true value of ASL by learning Handshapes, Deaf history and practicing your narrative skills.


Did you know?

Classes run for one hour or an hour and a half, depending on the size of the course. We meet for five weeks, once a week.

We are textbook free at ASL NYC. You don’t need to purchase any books for class. We will email you e-notes.

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Learn about ASL registers and set-up the groundwork before advancing to intermediate level. Learn all handshapes without needing to focus on memorizing vocabulary. Yes all signs in ASL are made of handshapes, but by recognizing the individual shapes you can better master the signs more naturally.

This class, will teach you strategies to practice conceptual story elements using various linguistic structures. Apply what you learned, and enhance your ability to convey the creative dialogue that ASL encompasses. 

Here you will learn about Deaf History, including the origins of the language and how individuals engage in the community. Take your language skills to the next level by exploring how to interpret English into ASL while incorporating true ASL Jargon.

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