Owner / Instructor

Founder / Instructor

Jeremy was born and raised in New York City. He attended a school for the Deaf and his interest in language continues to guide his learning experience. He began to understand that ASL could be used as an artistic expression and simultaneously provide a different perspective. Using Social media as platform to launch his storytelling videos; the impact was evident with the growing number of followers and traffic that his page was receiving. Seeing the passion for the language, he quickly became energized to provide a comfortable and applicable curriculum that would give students on opportunity to develop language skills while maintaining the artistry and creativity of ASL. 


Rachel was born in Canada but is now living in Southern California with her husband and new son. Throughout her life, she has explored career paths varying from being an office assistant to dancing to modeling and acting. Rachel joined the ByMara team in 2008, where she quickly learned the ropes and began attending/managing events that are organized to branch out and bring people closer to American Sign Language. From this further experience, she has learned that putting customer service first makes businesses run smooth, and strives to maintain a excellence in service that is second to none. 

Head of Communications


Travis is originally from the bluegrass state, Kentucky. He currently lives in Los Angeles and pursuing to become a CPA. His passion is to help small business with understanding of financial measurements that indicate the health of their business and empower the business their ways toward profitability. This goes same with ASL Classes and its team for the non-signers's communities with American Sign Language. American Sign Language is the most beautiful, visual language in the world. With ASL classes, we want to spread the resources of American Sign Language and raise the awareness of ASL language features and able to raise the signers to higher level of signing skills. At ASL Classes, his role is to increase their cash flow, bottom line, and overall business value through advanced financial analysis.